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My curiosity to see the world led me far away from Ecuador to Australia. In Australia, I pursued studies in Anthropology and Development Studies, and I also took a Permaculture design course.

Returning to my homeland, I developed a keen interest in national elements of identity, such as bamboo (an ancestral building material in coastal Ecuador), roses (Ecuador is home to the world's most majestic roses), and, of course, Cacao!

Driven by my love for cacao and ancestral ceremonies, I believe the portal serves as a passage for everyone to experience cacao beyond chocolate and to connect with its medicinal potential.

Today, I take pleasure in traveling around Ecuador, and I look forward to honing my cacao tasting skills to bring more recipes to the portal. It's a journey of exploration and connection that continues to inspire me every day.


I was born and raised in Manta, Ecuador. Growing up, I had always wanted to be a business owner. Even at an early age. Fast forward to many years I moved to the states, graduated college and worked within my field for a few years.

In the search for something that aligned more to my financial goals, I decided to expand myself. I pursued my dreams of owning a business and found myself within the e-commerce space, which has taught me all that I currently know about business and creating one.

When the opportunity of creating The Cacao Portal was brought to my attention, I was very quick to see its potential and also feel connected to the idea. My entire life, I have always been proud and passionate about my homeland, our culture and my heritage; partnering with Alegria and Melissa on this venture was one of the easiest decisions I have ever had to make in business.

Cacao has transformed my life in more ways that one. I currently take cacao as a health supplement, which just so happens so be a delicious drink that helps me feel grounded and gives me a boost of energy - both which I very much need on my day-to-day life as a busy entrepreneur.


Born and raised in Ecuador, I believe that all dreamers need a friend who can materialize and ground ideas and visions.

When I first tested cacao, I saw it as a great alternative to coffee. However, over time, I've come to appreciate cacao's spiritual value in my everyday life.

Today, I reside in the U.S., but my roots in Ecuador remain strong through my connection to cacao and my continuous desire to learn more about it.

It's my way of maintaining a link to my home country and infusing my daily life with the essence of this remarkable plant.

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